Thursday, 22 May 2014


 It's been a really really long time since my latest post, seriously.. There are this and that situations so I couldn't post anything.
When I went to Bandung last month to visit my sisters, shopping is a must. And I found this short black jumpsuit at New Look and I fell in love with it. So cute right? So I pair it with my denim jacket from my sister as a present for my birthday and a red plaid shirt tied in my waist from logo and shoes from decimal shoes and red peace necklace and gold bracelet from naughty (lots of and, lol)

Made the heart from origami inspired by Akmu 200% Music Video. Oh yeah, and of course my post title for this is 'Crush'. 2NE1's new album, so addicted to it. I listen to it every morning when i'm taking shower, lololol. And Akmu's songs is so addicting too, can't help it. They're totally a cute sibling. You guys should check their songs too, 200%, Give Love and Melted.

You guys really should check their songs out! very recommended!
200% and Give Love is a fun song while Melted is just so touching.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Beating Heart

Hello hello hello~ It's been a long time since my latest post right? It's because I don't have time to take photos.

Ok, so tomorrow is April 4th 2014 right? it's the day I'm turning 14yo. Praise the Lord! thank God I can live this long, and I'm feeling grateful because God is giving me a wonderful life to live. An amazing family and friends and a blessed life. I can't express my happiness with words.

It's almost Easter and that mean HOLIDAY! but, before holiday that mean tests are waiting and homeworks is piling up *sigh*

 Sweater: Stradivarius - Sling Bag: New Look - Skirt: unbranded - Shoes: New Look - Necklace: Unbranded

 yup, with stockings and not. because the weather was actually really HOT and I was wearing sweater.

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pssttt... I'm Instagram addict.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


 There's one reason why I'm not posting anything in here, I'm watching Korean dramas lately so..:3 Since I'm really curious why is this drama becoming a virus so I decided to watch it, and the result is I'm addicted to it and I finished it in about 3 to 4 days. It's "You Who Came From The Stars" >< I don't watch any K-dramas since Boys Before Flowers, but seriously this is like the best drama EVER!
Just so you know I'm a Kpop lover, but only Bigbang and 2NE1 that stuck on my head.

My seniors at school is having an exam this week from Monday-Friday so I'm free for 5 days but the teacher is always looking for a chance so at Saturday we'll be back to school again. Is that even necessary? They're too mean T-T

OMG i'm so lame at naming the post title. I might ended up having all the colors of the rainbow as my post title.

My outfit is nice but I don't really have a nice photo result bc I'm using self timer. This is just so pity.

 Look at my legs! MY SKIN! TT-TT
 Top: Bershka - Varsity Jacket: @151store_ (instagram) - Skirt: Uniqlo - Shoes: Decimal Shoes

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Flying Tiger

Uhm, yeah me in my JS wings again. lol. I love this shoes but i really haven't wear it even once for my ootd. it's really quite impossible to wear this in my city. So yeah my blog is kinda important for me to share what i can't wear in here:3

I took this photo two hundred years ago, nah of course it's not. I took this photo abt a week before my Red Cross competition, so it is a long time ago. 

 Sweater: Nyla - Skirt: uniqlo - Shoes: Adidas

Something is weird with my photos below .-. it's really bright and some of it blur by itself when it's my best candid pose *nasip foto pake timer*

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Tartan skirt

 Hello~ after a long time... finally  I post something. I don't have any chance to take a photo or post smth bc my school activity. If you read my blog I actually joining a Red Cross Youth, abt two weeks ago is the competition so I was really busy practicing with my friends and when i got home i'm freakin tired aka 'tepar' . And the next week is a full exam week from monday-saturday + me and my friends have to catch up to do a lot of homeworks *tear* AANNDDD idk why but wifi in my house is driving me crazy, it's not working when I already take photos.

So here it is me and my JS wings, tartan skirt and crop top. Mind my weird face, i takes a lot of photos in a day with a different outfit so i can post something if i don't have a chance to take photos. it's really comfy for an everyday outfit, but here i don't have anywhere to go with these kinds of outfit.

 crownflower: @goodygoodstore - Croptop: random store in Bandung - Skirt: newlook - Shoes: adidas - bracelet: naughty